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Leaking Showers

For quick, convenient, and cost-effective shower repairs in Melbourne, Supersealed are the industry leaders. Our high-grade epoxy grouts and Green Building Certified silicone sealants leave showers more resistant to mould and guaranteed to stop leaks.

Poorly sealed bathrooms and showers are susceptible to water damage over time. As grout breaks down or poor quality silicone erodes, water is able to seep through tiles and cause damage to ceilings, walls, and floors. At Supersealed, our team of trusted professionals are able to assess and identify the source of shower leaks – offering a standard service for leaking shower repair in Melbourne to restore tired and damaged showers to near-new condition.

Using only premium Green Building Certified products, tested successfully over 25 years, Supersealed eliminates the risk of mould and water damage to your bathroom. Returning your shower to working condition within 24 hours – and delivering quick, convenient, and hassle-free repairs without removing tiles, especially for shower leaks in Melbourne.

As part of our service we will:

  • Remove existing soft grout from shower walls and floors
  • Install new chemically hardened waterproof grout
  • Remove and replace internal silicone
  • Clean and polish tiles

All our specialists use thermal cameras to diagnose the source of leaks – and with our obligation-free quote, we’ll tell you straight away if we can fix it or if you need a plumber. Consider us your trusted partner for bathroom shower renovation in Melbourne.

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