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Anti-slip Sealers

Anti-slip, strong grip sealants are the perfect solution for every surface. Ideal for keeping kitchens, bathrooms and balconies watertight, safe and secure.

Supersealed offers a range of transparent anti-slip solutions to reduce the risk of falls and keep your surfaces leak-free. Our premium anti-slip sealant products are resistant to mould and wear, offering a durable solution that really delivers.

Our specialist treatments involve the addition of treads, granules, flakes or beads to a floor coating system – creating a surface that is roughened in texture and less likely to be hazardous when wet. The perfect solution for commercial spaces and workplaces where liability can be an issue, or for outdoor areas that experience high-traffic around the home.

Supersealed's experienced team of anti-slip flooring specialists, dedicated to Slip Solutions in Melbourne, are able to guide you through the whole process of installing a resin non-slip coating or product, from diagnostic to compliance and any ongoing maintenance that is required.

As part of our service we will:

  • Assess and advise the best solution for your space
  • Install a protective, anti-slip coating to existing floors
  • Ensure results meet the highest professional standards of care & quality
  • Provide ongoing maintenance if required

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